6 tips to stand out in Saudi Arabia with a professional cv

How to Stand Out in Saudi Arabia With A Professional CV

Saudi Arabia has started numerous projects to end the economic dependency on oil, and as a result, the job market is smoking. If you also want to get the desired position, stick it out with your professional CV and cover letter. A resume is an applicant’s first impression. So, following CV writing tips for Saudi Arabia’s hiring trends would maximize your chances of standing out among the rest of the candidates.

As the doors of workplaces in Saudi Arabia are open, it allows you to land your dream position. You might find several locked doors of jobs out there. And you can open them with professional curriculum vitae, and in less time, you will receive a call for an interview. The chances of getting rejected lessen after that.

6 CV Writing Tips For Saudi Arabia’s Best Job Positions

Here are the six tips you should consider when submitting your curriculum vitae to potential firms.

1. Tailor Your CV To Highlighted Your Relevant Skills

Tailoring your resume is a can’t-miss way of increasing the response rate from the hiring manager. Carefully pour over every advertisement for vacant positions and analyze whether you possess the requirements mentioned there. Then check if you have included those requirements in your resume and whether they stick out.

Make sure the skills you highlight in the document align with the position’s requirements to appear as a perfect fit. If you face any hardship while tailoring, consider taking help from CV writing services. Experts will use the secret ingredients to make your resume attractive for recruiters.

2. Follow The Classic Formatting Guidelines For A Sleek Look

Besides the content written, visual elements such as font type, size, and style can hugely influence the resume. Using them correctly can help you leave a great impression on the hiring manager. Go for margins, indents, bullets, font type, and sizes that are reader-friendly. Every word should be crystal clear rather than appearing as a solid text block. Ensure that every section is distinct and the usage of punctuation is correct.

3. Make Every Single Experience Count

Professional experience is required to land a good position in the corporate world. However, if you’re a fresh graduate, you can still get around this with the help of intelligent techniques. Contemplate why you can be the best fit for that vacant position, then put them into words.

Side projects, internships, and freelancing would have given you excellent skills and experience. Mention them, too, and explain why your non-tradition background can be an asset for their workspace.

4. Present Your Needs In The Wisest Way

If you are a mother or are keeping up with your further studies, you might require flexible work hours, which can be part-time or four days a week. Either way, what matters the most is how you frame your proposal, as it can turn into rejection or acceptance.

You can also state in your cover letter how a flexible schedule can boost productivity and happiness and ultimately help the company. Plus, be prepared with solid solutions, as objections might arise in your proposal.

5. Insert The WOW Factor On The Top

After presenting your details, showcase your main selling points. Everyone has some WOW factor in their academic or professional life. So, make sure to place those points at the top of your resume to let it catch the eyes of the hiring manager. Make sure to customize and upgrade your CV into a CV Gulf to target and captivate the top gulf companies in SA.

6. Cover Letter Is The Icing To The Cake

Several applicants in SA send their applications without adding a cover letter. But you should avoid this common practice and include a cover letter introducing you to the recruiter. The perfect length for a cover letter is a single page that should contain three paragraphs.

Don’t forget to mention the position you’re applying for and how you can be the most suitable fit. Add attention-grabber pieces to your cover letter and make it crispy enough to hook the hiring manager. Lastly, end the cover letter with a call to action, which is a request for an interview.

Final Verdict

During your job hunt journey, working on your resume would help you successfully make it to an interview. The more polished and professional your application is, the more chances you will get the desired position in no time. Follow these 6 CV writing tips for Saudi Arabia to stand out among your competitors. The procedure to make the most impressive resume is not rigid, but indeed tricky.

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