The United Arab Emirates has become one of the major business hubs across the globe. There are always some amazing and best career opportunities in UAE 2021 coming up for job hunters.

Dubai is considered as one of the emerging countries with a strong economy offering lush salaries, people having a multicultural background, comfortable lifestyle, and a secure environment.

Professionals see Dubai as a dream country to work where they can collect all the gems and jewels out of the treasure box to gain vast experience!

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs In Dubai Over the Next 2 Years

To see yourself grow and to have a prominent name in the saturated job market, it is high time that you start targeting opportunities that go well according to your field.

To boost your career in a full swing, we have listed below best jobs in Dubai.
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Paramedics Jobs

As you might expect, paramedic positions are in high demand not only in the UAE but all across the world, due to the current pandemic crisis. The paramedic category includes nurses, paramedics, doctors, and other relevant staff. It is currently a fantastic chance for paramedics because, as a result of the increased demand, it has become one of the high salary jobs in Dubai.

Jobs in Accounts or Finance department

According to a survey by the Institute of Management Accountants, it is said that professional Accountants or those working at Finance departments with a professional certification have the top paid salary in the United Arab Emirates. If you have academic experience in finance, you can cash your degree the most!

Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most in-demand careers in the United Arab Emirates, notably in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you’re looking for a job in the field of artificial intelligence in the United Arab Emirates, know that it is the perfect job that will hit the market getting you elevating growth and high salary in return.

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common each year, and businesses have faced a loss of billions of dollars as a result. Many companies are now looking for qualified cyber security experts who can prevent sensitive data from being misused or disclosed online.

Hiring manager jobs

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The best news is; the position of hiring managers is needed in practically every organization in Dubai, thus they will continue to grow in significance and possibilities. This demand will continue to grow for a wide range of organizations in the UAE, whether they are startups or established businesses.

Jobs in Banks

Banks weren’t that much operational last year – as it was only providing loans and finances to the corporate sector. But now as cities have started battling against COVID, things have started coming back to track. Jobs in banks are lined up in the pipe, so you can try your luck there!

E-commerce Specialists

In the last few years, we have seen things moving towards online marketing and online shopping. Moreover, it is predicted to see an increase in shopping websites. So, if you are playing an e-commerce specialist role – calculate your worth!

School Staff

Following the pandemic, schools and universities are reopening. Due to COVID-19, many teachers from European countries have departed from the country. Raising the requirement for teacher employment in Dubai. Despite the fact that the school will evaluate your qualifications and experience in order to choose you over other applicants!

Graphic Designers

The need for graphic designers has shaped as one of the top jobs in Dubai. Graphic designers are in high demand because of their significant skills. As the job prospects in the advertising and marketing area are expanding. People want their company to stand out from the crowd. Thus, they want more dynamic and catchy graphics and logos to attract their most potential customers.


In this era, where everyone wants to earn well to meet their needs and to achieve their dreams. Dubai has started offering job opportunities to people living in every corner of the world. So, in this blog, we had decided to make a list of the best jobs in Dubai and best Career Opportunities In UAE 2021 for you and provide you with all the information at CV gulf you needed!