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20 + LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers in Gulf Region [2021]

One of the most effective place to find a job in today’s diversified and digitalized era is LinkedIn! In this article guide will discuss some LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers!

LinkedIn is right now the highly used social media platform designed for the professional community and corporate workers. Apart from an excellent resume and convincing cover letter, job-seekers need to have a great network and robust LinkedIn profile that could help in finding a job!

LinkedIn serves as a backbone here and can help the job-hunters to find their best match. Also, this corporate- professional platform is letting the recruiters find candidate of their choice. In this way, this platform is serving organizations and candidates simultaneously.

With the help of this job-search platform, a lot of professionals and newbies from numerous backgrounds have landed their dream positions.


Talking about this social-professional forum, currently 660 million registered users are actively utilizing LinkedIn for the job-search and fill purpose. One can hit the send button and can submit his profile online for the open job position. Recruiters can also approach the profiles that match their job description.

For the purpose of job acquisition and lead generation, LinkedIn has turned to be the most effective platform. With 90 million users being senior-level influencers, and 63 million professionals at decision-making positions, LinkedIn can be the game-changer that you need!

A good LinkedIn profile is a perfect blend of a person’s skillset, expertise, qualifications, and experience. If you are searching for a job then you must mention all your skills and expertise in certain industry to get the eyes of recruiters and to gain recognition in your domain.

In this way, your profile would get a lot of offers as recruiters are spending entire day to find a capable and highly skilled employee for their organizations.

Note that, with more than 55 million companies listed on LinkedIn and 14 million open jobs, this is definitely not strange to know that 87% of the recruiters and hiring managers are using LinkedIn on the regular basis.

This indicates that the hiring managers have gone smarter and are now analyzing the profile of a person to offer him a job. If you have got an outstanding skillset and you have maintained a great profile then you are all set to go and would surely grab the job. But if you do not have created your LinkedIn profile efficiently then you must read this guide till the end!


Tired of thinking how to make LinkedIn profile? Leave the worries behind as in this comprehensive guide, we would be helping you to create the LinkedIn profile with supreme and tested tips. These tips would help you in garnering the attention of employers towards your outstanding profile.

Creating an account at LinkedIn is way too easy. You just have to sign up with your first and last name, email address, and a password and BAM, you have joined LinkedIn. Furthermore, you would have to professionally complete the other steps.

We have jotted down 22 essential LinkedIn profile tips for job-seekers that would turn out to be the biggest alteration for your career!

Fill the profile thoroughly:

Ensure to fill the profile properly as per the given guidelines. Set new password for your new account of LinkedIn and keep it confidential.

Make your customized profile URL:

After creating the LinkedIn profile, you will get an automatically generated URL but you must change it to the professional one. Go to profile and edit public URL.

A professional photo is a must:

Always remember, professional LinkedIn profiles have professional and decent photo or say display picture. If the picture is decent, close-up and HD one, your profile will get more views.

Putting right headline:

Creating an engaging and interesting headline about yourself would help you to stay ahead the game. Make sure to keep it positive yet powerful about your skills and experience.

Outstanding summary and about:

Own the about section of your profile effectively. This section is the one where you should discuss about yourself proactively.

Optimized experience section:

Make sure to optimize the experience section. This involves the constant upgrading of your profile and detailed explanation of your experience in your field.

Incorporate right keywords:

Once you have got the idea of how to create a LinkedIn profile, understand incorporation of right keywords that could be searched by the recruiters. Optimize summary with major keywords.

Highlight your work:

Ensure to talk about your work and experience. Get your professional life highlighted so that the recruiters could understand your practice and familiarity.

Include your achievements:

Underline your achievements as well. Discuss about your honors and achievements as well and give the hiring manager a deep insight about your future plans.

Add your interest and hobbies:

Don’t forget to include interests and hobbies in your profile as this would help the hiring manager to understand you on a better note of friendliness and cooperation.

Disclose yourself for opportunities:

Show yourself that you are open for the opportunities and you are looking for more growth options in your industry. LinkedIn would give you an option over the profile as well.

Use numbers and data to showcase skills:

Using numbers to illustrate your understanding about certain skills is one of the finest way to showcase your abilities, do that!

Avoid typing errors:

LinkedIn profile tips also includes proofreading and editing of the profile. Do not make the typing errors in your profile.

Stay active on LinkedIn:

Staying active and online on LinkedIn would also help the recruiters to reach you out for open job position.

Networking is a must:

The key to become a pro at LinkedIn is networking. The more you would enhance the network, the more you would grow in your industry.

Explain yourself:

Don’t forget to share your story in your about and summary section. Keep the recruiters hooked.

Actively participate:

Ensure to participate in the polls and surveys of LinkedIn to get noticed more with your activities.

Add your certifications and projects:

Get your blog and certifications attached with your LinkedIn profile to help the recruiters check your performance and achievements.

Get strong recommendations:

Getting authentic recommendations from professionals of your industry is a great way to get noticed.

Link the resume and LinkedIn:

Sync the URL of LinkedIn and resume together. Ensure that both the elements are matching each other.

New connections:

Connect with new people and create new connections. This would help you to get to know other professionals from emerging industries.

Join LinkedIn groups:

You must join LinkedIn groups as well to get the job opportunities. With the help of LinkedIn groups, you would be able to find new jobs and experts from your industry.


This comprehensive guide encompasses some tested and proven tips that would make your LinkedIn profile appear strong and determined one! By implementing these tips in your LinkedIn profile, you would be able to find a perfect-fit job for yourself. Also, your profile would attract recruiters having multiple job opportunities. Check for latest news and perfect tips.

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