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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Resume Writer In Gulf Region?

Crafting a resume that is not only impactful but is richly optimized with the job description keywords – the idea sounds quite nerve-wracking! Not everybody is good enough and cannot reflect himself in terms of experience and skillset. And to avoid major inconveniences, people turn towards resume writers and CV writing companies that could favor them in the hard times.

This needs to be understood that resume writing companies have got the specialized and certified writers who are experts in their industries. They are entirely known to the hiring trends and can write the vita document in such a way that could wipe other candidates out of the platform.

Furthermore, the idea of getting your resume professionally written by CV writers and expert freelancers that deal with the curriculum vitae is absolutely worth it. This could be a little expensive and costly in your pocket but the results would wholesomely justify the money.

Understand the fact, your CV is the chief of your professional life, and taking the help of a resume writing service in the gulf is an option that you can choose even with a blindfold on!

In this short blog post, we are going to let you know about the cost that you would have to pay to a professional resume writer in the gulf region. Walkthrough this guide thoroughly to understand the price range that is being offered on the internet by expert and skilled resume writers.


An overview states that a certified and proficient vita document writer would charge more than $100 and the price can go up to $500. If you are expecting a high-quality resume writer, then you would have to pay a good amount of money for sure!

Always remember, if a website or a writer is offering his CV writing services under $100 then it is totally a scam. The quality of such low-cost work would be crappy and cheap. Furthermore, you may not be having any chance to attain any revision or refund.

Before hiring any CV writer, this is a must to look for their testimonials and reviews. If you are going to avail the service of CV editing and resume writing from freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Then you will find so many writers that would be offering great resume writing and editing services under $50 even! But wait, what about the quality?

Thoroughly investigating the entire internet and searching for professional CV gulf writers could be a hectic task.

On one hand, freelance writers may charge you up to under $50 for the resume and CV editing/writing service. On the other end of the spectrum, some executives and highly professional resume writers may charge more than $2000 as well. The pricing package may act dramatically and can add up to your confusion.

Majorly, the services charge up to $100 to $400 for a resume ranging from entry-level to the top executive level. To eradicate the chances of meeting any unprofessional and inexperienced resume writer, you must conduct your research as well.

If you want to hire top CV gulf writers for your specialized CV, then consider the fact that it would be costly but would be helpful for the long run.

However, you must remember that the pricing and quality of the vita document go hand in hand. If you are going to work with someone who has currently passed his university with no major experience of writing resumes, then you can expect his fees to be fairly very low as compared to professional writers.

Experience and education level also contribute to the charges of resume writers in the gulf region. Another factor that increases the price is the delivery of the document. If you want the CV on an urgent basis, then stay ready to be charged $75- $300 per hour.


Be it the editing of a vita document or the writing of a CV from the scratch, the process is completely stressful and can force a person to take the help of expert writers. Ensure to research before placing an order to a CV writing company or before working with a freelance writer. Invest your money with the writer who could guarantee you the interview calls and could provide you with the document that is your effective professional reflection.

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