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How Long Should Resume Be in [2021]? – Ideal Length and Number of Pages!

A resume or CV is the predominant professional document of one’s life. This is the ladder that provides an individual with a firm base to stand out among the competitors. While crafting the document of vita, you are responsible to sum up your entire professional life on a single piece of paper effectively.

Be it the career change or the entry-level, resume is the only component that stays mutual and can either make or break your image. With the help of a CV, a person becomes able to impress the recruiter and can make the heads turn for hiring.

The recruiters take only seven seconds to decide either to hire the applicant or not and in these limited seconds, the candidate must be loud and convincing enough with his words.

Writing a CV that is not only considerable but is also richly optimized with job description keywords could be nerve-wracking. Summing up all your expertise and experience in a paper in a way that could impress the hiring manager is fairly difficult. A lot of people take the help of experts from resume writing service gulf to get an outstanding resume document.

But how would you craft an excellent CV?

Are you sure that your resume would pass the ATS test?

Do you think your resume is compelling enough with its length and vocabulary?

Let us fix all these questions in this quick-fix guide. In this short blog post, we are going to talk about the most difficult and confusing question i.e. how many pages in a resume are considered to be the best one for each job post and organization. Also, we will highlight some main elements that must be included in the resume to outshine others.


Take notes, when you are telling the recruiter about yourself, you don’t have to exaggerate everything in your resume. There is no need to put your secondary-level academic record on your resume as none of the recruiters would find it useful. Keep it short, considerable, and readable and limited to 2 pages.

Always remember, recruiters do want to gain insight into your previous accomplishments and past achievements. If you won’t be able to reflect yourself effectively in the resume, you may not be able to pass the ATS screening test. Incorporate the keywords from the given job description to raise your chances of hiring.

This is one of the most confusing and common questions among the job-searchers that how long should a resume be in 2021 however after reading this guide, you will get to know the answer that is 1 to 2 pages.

This must be the limit of your resume and if you want the recruiter to know more about you then you are free to attach a compelling cover letter. This would also give the recruiter an idea about your plans for a professional future.

While writing a CV, this is your responsibility to reflect your complete experience and skillset via this document. Have a look at the following conditions to understand when you should write a 2 pages resume;

  • If you are an entry-level applicant or a fresh graduate from university
  • You don’t have enough expertise, skills, and experience
  • You are completely centered on the industry and want to work for professional development
  • You are submitting an online resume

Ensure to submit your resume always in the PDF if the company hasn’t asked for the MS Word version. But if the organization mentions sending a word file then do make sure to send it in the word document.

You might be thinking that should my CV writing dubai be one page for the open dream position? Well, it is definitely a yes, your CV could be of one page but note the conditions;

  • Your experience must be greater than 5 years
  • You stand at the intermediate or executive level of your industry
  • Your skillset is fairly advanced and you can lead a team

If you have got all these skills then you can surely go with a one-page CV for the open position.


Keep in mind, your CV is your professional mirror image so it should be outstanding and impressive with the skillset and experience. Focus upon sharing your skillset and qualities that make you the valuable choice for the job.

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