Top 10 tips to make a perfect CV in 2023

Top 10 Tips To Make a Perfect CV in The Gulf for 2023

After deciding which sectors, companies, and locations to target, it is crucial to learn how to write a CV. Why? Because Innumerable job hunters apply for jobs with poor or mediocre jobs and then wonder why they didn’t get a call for an interview. They have a misconception that mentioning where they worked and what they did would help them secure a good position. And if you’re also one of those individuals, it is time to change your perception to get to your dream role.

If you’re concerned about getting a great job in the gulf in 2023, you should invest your time and efforts in preparing a superb CV. Remember, a resume is a like a brochure that acts as a marketing document to advertise you to your potential employers. So, use every valuable tip that helps you create the most captivating CV.

10 Effective Tips For How To Write A CV In The Gulf For 2023

This post will share ten tips to help you present your abilities and capabilities wonderfully. Following them would amplify your odds of securing a good position in the Gulf in 2023.

1. Mention Your Nationality

Applying for gulf jobs would be different compared to your home country. As a foreigner seeking there, you should mention your nationality in the personal details section. If you have dual nationality, specify that too.

2. Photo Important Or Not?

Various companies like to see a photo in the resume in the gulf. However, it isn’t so necessary for multinationals and relatively senior roles. But it is crucial for in-person customer representative jobs. So, if you add your photo to your resume, ensure that you have a groomed and professional look. Don’t forget to smile in the picture but avoid taking a selfie. Female applicants should refrain from wearing revealing clothing in the photo.

3. Smartly Describe Your Education

The school, college, or university you graduated from might be a reputable institute in your home country but still would be unknown in Arab countries. So, when mentioning them in your CV Gulf, add a concise description that conveys their higher rank in your country—this way, it would have a powerful impact on the hiring manager.

4. Work Experience

Just as employers in oil-producing countries are unaware of your homeland’s prestigious institutes, the same applies to prestigious workplaces. Even if you have worked with esteemed corporations in your home market, they might still be unknown to Arab employers, opening fewer doors. So, you should add a description highlighting the importance and value of that firm in your homeland. For instance, you can write as “XYZ firm – the leading corporation in Malaysia.”

5. Driving License

A driver’s license can be crucial for a sales job or a role requiring extensive travel in Dubai or other neighbouring cities. So, mentioning your driving license would amplify your chances of getting hired.

6. Visa Status

When sending your resume, describe your current visa status if you’re living in Dubai or nearby. A visit visa, employment or dependent visa – whatever it is, make it apparent.

7. Highlight Your Availability

Several employers incline toward the candidates that are available immediately rather than serving a notice to their current boss. So, if you’re available, highlight that too in your marketing document to attract the hiring manager.

8. Stick To The Perfect Length

Recruiters generally go through a pile of resumes to select a candidate; therefore, they run short on time and don’t have time to pore over lengthy applications. Even a long might bore the hiring managers to tears, and they might toss in the section of rejected ones. So, be careful about it and stick to the perfect length, a one to two-page CV. Even if you have decades of experience in diverse fields, ensure your resume is clear, concise, and crispy. Or you can consult a professional for your assistance without worrying about the cost of resume/CV writing in the Gulf region.

9. Including Attachments Effective Or Not?

It is typical to include many attachments in the resume, such as passport copies, degree certificates, testimonials, et cetera. However, don’t continue this common practice in the gulf because it is not the norm there. Furthermore, it can put the recruiters off. So, add any attachments if requested.

10. Employers Love Certifications

Employers of oil-producing countries love certifications! Any certification from an internationally professional entity would act as a booster to get you a great position. Irrespective of the role of the field you’re applying for, certifications from US and UK-recognized bodies would help you stand out.

Wrap Up

These were the ten tips on how to write a CV to target gulf jobs in the year 2023. Use these tips to spruce up your resume and send it to your potential employers. Following these tips would match you with the perfect role for you. Share this with the job hunters in your circle who aim to get a significant position in Dubai or nearby.  

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